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Future proofing a lovely family home and garden


  • These retired clients of ours were a Midlands-based couple and had lived in their home since the 1980s. They were a social pair with an abundance of friends and a great local community around them. Life couldn’t be better.
  • The couple were open about their finances and had discussed a lifetime mortgage with their family. They were all in support of their parent’s proceeding as they wanted them to stay in the home that they loved.


  • Over the years, they hadn’t spent much time or money on the upkeep of their home as other things took priority. It was in need of an update, especially the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The couple had restricted mobility and although they tried not to let it get in the way of things, it was becoming ever more difficult to access their sloped garden and enjoy it in the warmer months.
  • On top of the home renovations, they also envisaged that their car would need upgrading in the future, but they did not have sufficient income to cover car loan payments.
  • All these financial burdens were coming around at once. The couple’s savings were depleted as they had been retired for a few years. They knew they didn’t have sufficient savings to complete the work they desperately needed to do.
  • They didn’t want to sell up and move to a new house. This was the home they loved and cherished the memories they held there.


  • We didn’t want them to move either, so we recommended a lifetime mortgage solution. This allowed them to take a lump sum first from their lifetime mortgage. They used this money to complete the major kitchen, bathroom and garden works.
  • Another benefit of their lifetime mortgage was that it had a pre-agreed drawdown facility to use in the future when it was time to change their car. This meant it only incurred interest when they needed to use the money for the car purchase.

The results

A new dream kitchen and bathroom, their house redecorated and new carpets.

The garden was levelled, allowing easy access for now and the future, which meant they could return to enjoying their outdoor space once again.

Money available in the future for upgrading the car took away any financial worries about how they would achieve this, maintaining their mobility and independence.

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