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It is possible to sell your house without you knowing!

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Fraud is a multimillion-pound criminal activity and the lengths that fraudsters will go to is boundless!

The BBC reported on a house being sold for £131,000 in Luton without the owners knowing!

It has been reported that properties have sold without the owners being aware, properties that are not occupied by the owner are especially vulnerable.

Simple and free safeguard:

The Land Registry provide a free monitoring service for property which is situated in England or Wales and registered with HM Land Registry. By setting up an account, you will receive email alerts when official searches and applications are received against a monitored property. This includes leasehold flats/apartments. The Land Registry paid out a total of £3.5m in compensation for fraud last year. Don’t be a victim – why wait?

Full details can be found at the Land Registry:

BBC News:


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