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How an Equity Release mortgage was invaluable for helping a home move


  • This client was a retired, married couple who wanted to move home to be nearer to family. They didn’t have any children, but they had siblings they were close to. Historically, they spent a lot of time travelling back and forwards to visit their family.
  • One of them had been recently diagnosed with health issues which meant, going forward, they would need more support from their family who lived many miles away. Only one of them was now allowed to drive the long distance to see their loved ones.
  • The couple lived in a beautiful home full of history and character, but due to the age, it needed routine ongoing repairs. They were recommended to us by a family member who Lisa had previously helped


  • The couple’s main goal was to reduce the hours they spent travelling to see their family and to ultimately be closer to them. They needed their support more than ever.
  • As they were retired on a limited income, they needed assistance on how to buy a new home and clarity about whether it was even possible.
  • They also had to overcome the challenge of relocating to an area more expensive than their original location.


  • With the full support of our team, the couple sold their home and purchased a new home using the equity. Although it wasn’t enough to cover all the costs needed, they topped this up with a small lifetime mortgage, arranged by Lisa.
  • They didn’t even need to stress about the associated moving costs as this was also covered by the lifetime mortgage.

The results

The couple found a property, which was a few years old, meaning it has fewer repair needs and is more energy-efficient.

- No long-distance travelling required for visiting family.

Family local to help with support.

Quality of life with family increased. Stress and expense of travelling dramatically reduced.

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